Snickers 9438 Body Mapping Micro Fleece Jacket Various Colours

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Snickers 9438 Body Mapping Micro Fleece Jacket
Warm, light and flexible. This zip micro fleece jacket in high-functionality fabric and advanced body-mapped design is ideal as a warm first layer or a lighter second layer. Count on insulation where it matters and ventilation where it’s needed.
Keeps your body dry and fresh all day long with its innovative natural anti-odour treated and quick-drying fabric
Advanced body-mapped design for superior balance of insulation and ventilation
Micro fleece fabric with checked structure on the inside for enhanced breathability and mesh fabric in armpits for extra ventilation
Zipped arm pocket for added convenience
High collar for extra warmth and protection
Quick-drying A.I.S., breathable with anti-odour treatment. 95% Bamboo Charcoal Polyester, 5% Elastan, 285 g/m². Polyester mesh, 120 g/m².

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