Snickers 9428 Flexiwork Seamless Leggings

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Snickers 9428 Flexiwork Seamless Leggings
A great extra layer to add when it gets chilly. The improved version of our popular long johns are seamlessly woven for maximum comfort. The advanced design features mesh-fabric for extra ventilation in hot areas keeping you warm and dry for a great performance at work.
Keeps your body dry and fresh with its innovative and quick-drying stretch fabric that transports sweat and moisture away from your skin
Advanced design and technology for the optimal combination of ventilation, compression and protection
Extra ventilation where you sweat the most – in the back and hollow of the knees
Extra compression to support and activate important muscles at the back, thighs and groin
Extra protection where you need it the most – on the knees
62% Polyamide, 36% Polyprpylene, 2% Elastane

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