Puma Niobe Low Womens S3 ESD SRC Safety Work Trainer Shoe

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Puma Niobe Low Womens S3 ESD SRC Safety Work Trainer Shoe
The NIOBE BLUE WNS of the TECHNICS LINE Linie by PUMA SAFETY is characterized by high flexibility and noticeable light construction. This is achieved by the naturalFLEXMOTION® sole architecture. It combines the "Natural Running" concept with the newest safety shoe technology. The S3 safety shoe with ESD characteristics of flat full-grain leather is equipped with a highly durable steel cap and FAP® anti-perforation protection. The inserted evercushion® BA footbed made of foam with open pores takes liquid away from the foot and provides together with the breathable BreathActive functional lining a comfortable foot climate during the whole day. The especially developed wafer profil guarantees hereby the best possible grip, in particular on smooth industry floors.
Footbed: Evercushion ® BA+
Shaft: Smooth full leather
Protection: Metal-free, flexible FAP® penetration protection, steel toe cap
Sole: Double density PU sole naturalFLEXMOTION™ with iCELL element, very flexible, extreme cushioning and
Applications: Craft, Industry, production, Warehouse / Logistics
Plus: DGUV 112-191, ESD, toe cap protection
Feed: BreathActive functional lining
Material: Full leather
FAP - The flexible anti penetration midsole made out of ceramic-coated fibers, protects the feet completely from penetrating objects.
Category SRC: Meets both SRA and SRB requirements.
DGUV - BG Directive concerning orthopedic adjustments (insoles). Safety shoes must be tested according to it to guarantee that the shoe still meets the requirements of standard EN ISO 20345.
ESD - Shoes marked with ESD should be worn, when electrostatic charges need to be reduced by deducing the charges.

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