Puma Frontside Low S1P ESD HRO SRC Safety Trainer Shoe

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Puma Frontside Low S1P ESD HRO SRC Safety Trainer Shoe
The new URBAN EFFECT models are all about legendary classics and Cult sneakers, but contain the latest technologies from sports and safety footwear, such as the new sole construction with EFFECT.FOAM, which ensures optimal cushioning and energy return (70% above the standard) and the ultra-light FAP®lite penetration protection. URBAN EFFECT gives everyday work an extra dose of dynamism and coolness.
Footbed: Evercushion® CUSTOM FIT
Shaft: Sandwich-mesh with microfiber
Protection: Fiberglass cap and flexible FAP®lite penetration protection
Applications: Craft, office, production, Warehouse / Logistics
Plus: TPU Heel Counter for support and protection, TPU eyelet element for additional reinforcement
Feed: BreathActive functional lining
Material: High quality greased full leather, shank height 27 cm
Category SRC: Meets both SRA and SRB requirements.
ESD - Shoes marked with ESD should be worn, when electrostatic charges need to be reduced by deducing the charges.
FAP LITE - The latest generation of metal-free penetration protection: 50% lighter, very high flexibility, better damping and compressive elasticity, cooling effect through breathability and absorption of sweat
EFFECT FOAM - Comfortable without compromise. 60% energy return, 47% less impact on bones and joints* extremely powerful and lightweight permanently high level of comfort for fatigue-free work *Dynamic energy absorption reduces the impact to 1.6 KN, the average impact for safety shoes is 3.0 KN.
3D TRIPLE DENSITY - The Triple Density technology gives you the most important of three soles in one. Experience a new form of stability, flexibility and comfort.

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