Portwest A814 Food Approved Nitrile Gauntlet

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Option 2

Free of chemical allergens (Type IV allergies), latex protein (Type I allergies) and Nitrosoamines & Nitrosatables, the A814 has been designed specifically for the food industry. Offering outstanding flexibility and dexterity coupled with excellent tear and puncture resistance means these gloves are ideal for food handling.



  • Silicone free - Ideal for manufacturing, paint applications, electronics and glass handling where silicone is problematic
  • Suitable for use in chemical, oil and food industries
  • 100% latex free
  • Textured pattern for enhanced grip
  • 0.28mm thickness
  • 330mm length
  • CE certified
  • Chemical resistant gauntlet
  • Retail tag which aids presentation for retail sales
  • CE foodsafe




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