Mascot 22950 Click Pocket System, Holster pockets, Painter


Product Information

  • Easy and flexible placement on trousers, shorts and 3/4-length trousers via the Click Pocket System.
  • Developed in collaboration with painters to match your needs.
  • Pockets with room for your brushes and a strap for masking tape which can be moved to the other pocket as needed.
  • If you are in need of more space, you can add additional holster pockets.
  • When the weather changes, you can easily transfer your holster pockets from trousers onto 3/4-lengths or shorts.
  • Set of two holster pockets. Can be attached easily and individually via Click Pocket System. Highly durable with many pockets, all of which are closed at the bottom. One holster pocket has two spacious pockets, one pocket with a zip and one detachable strap for masking tape. The other has one large spacious pocket, three smaller pockets for tools and a holder for a masking tape strap. Strap for hanging after removal. Measures 20 x 25 cm.

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