Grubs FENLINE 5.0 Neoprene Thermal Rated Wellington Boot Farm Agriculture

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FENLINE 5.0™ has recently been updated in Autumn/Winter 2018 to make it more durable and hardwearing for farmers who need day long comfort. Designed with warmth, grip and comfort to ensure it is one of the best agricultural boots on the market.  
UNDERFOOT CHASSIS™ - give a sure footed platform
Our new TREDZ™ (DURAPRENE™ rubber) outsole - gives superior grip on a variety of surfaces, the tread is designed to work with soft ground, mud and snow. The addition of moulded siping to the outer tread means FENLINE 5.0™ is equally at home on wet yards.
6mm NITROCELL™ footbed - provides a soft cushioning for an athletic shoe feel. A million microscopic nitrogen bubbles that insulate the wearer from cold surfaces.
HEXZORB™ technology - absorbs heel strike shock for daylong comfort.
SUPERDRI™ lining - is a hard wearing, wick moister away from the wearer’s foot to prevent a sweaty and uncomfortable feel. It is fungus and rot proof so will not smell like cotton-lined boots.
Unique HARD TOE™ TECHNOLOGY AND REINFORCED HEEL - reinforced toecap and heel protects the wearer during daily activities. 
COMFORT RATING -  -20ºc to +20ºc.
Moisture wicking linings use thousands of fibre loops that cosset the foot and wick away moisture keeping the wearer dry and comfortable. Combined with 5.0 INSU-FOAM ULTRA™ to provide an unequalled comfort range without sweat and heat build up.
Self-hardening layers of epoxy impregnated material to stiffen the toe of our boots to give a protective toe that can take the same sort of knocks as high-end mountaineering footwear. 
TREDZ™ Outsole
TREDZ™(DURAPRENE™rubber) HEXZORB™outsole, which give superior grip on a variety of surfaces, the tread is designed to work with the action of the foot into zones: the centres of the fore-foot have our multi-directional TWIST-GRIP™ studs, which bite into soft surfaces, they are surrounded with large blocks which feature moulded SIPING just like the small grooves on a tire or the sole of a boat shoe they expel liquid to increase the surface area of the sole in contact with the ground and reduce aquaplaning incidents. Surrounding the forepart is our FOOT-FRAME™ providing stability around the forepart and increase torsional resistance in the arch.
DURAPRENE™ Nitrile Rubber compound: Our own branded rubber compound made to European standard with high durability and high frictional resistance and high grip characteristics.
TWIST-GRIP™studs, Twisted three-pointed star designed studs, which bite into soft surfaces.
SIZING: boot height and calve widths:
(mm on leg)
(circumference in mm)
UK6 380mm 410mm
UK7 385mm 420mm
UK8 390mm 420mm
UK9 395mm 430mm
UK10 400mm 430mm
UK11 405mm 440mm
UK12 410mm 440mm

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