Grubs Explore Waterproof Vibram Walking Boot Various Colours

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Grubs Explore Waterproof Vibram Walking Boot
The new GRUB'S Explore™ is a revolutionary fitness walking boot featuring a 100% waterproof HYDRI-FUSE™ upper and VIBRAM® RGS Hiker™ sole.
DIAMOND RIP-STOP™, upper with a derby lacing system and fused overlays.
Underfoot the 6mm NITROCELL™ footbed provides a soft cushioning for an athletic shoe feel.
VIBRAM® RollinGait™ technology allows the Shoe to roll with the action of walking to reduce fatigue and gives daylong comfort.
HYDRI-FUSE™ lining is breathable and hardwearing, wick moister away from the wearer’s foot to prevent a sweaty and uncomfortable feel. It is fungus and rot proof so will not smell.
Unique FUSED overlays protect and stabilise the foot.
HYDRO-FUSE™, comfort and breathability 0ºc to +25ºc.
The 6mm NITROCELL™ footbed has a million microscopic nitrogen bubbles that insulate the wearer from cold surfaces.
Double tested in production the DISCOVER™ is waterproof to the top.
Single seam vamp and BOOTIE construction.
UNDERFOOT CHASSIS™ of our boots to give a sure footed platform
New VIBRAM® RGS Hiker™ (XS-TREK™ rubber) outsole, which gives superior grip on a variety of surfaces, ROLLINGAIT™ technology means the EXPLORE™ rolls with the wearers foot rather than expending energy flexing the boot. Less vertical compression in the heel reducing lower leg fatigue

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