Grubs Chainamic 5.0 Safety Chainsaw Boot

Shoe Size

Grubs CHAINAMIC™ is a rubber safety boot that uses non-matallic materials. This means it conducts neither cold nor electricity making them popular in a wider field of safety footwear. 

ORANGE VAMP - Located on the front, contains a special material that clogs up the chain on the chainsaw to stop it moving round and preventing injury.

CONFORMS TO (CE EN ISO 17249:2013 SB P E FO Level 3) - Can protect against chainsaws at 28 metres per second 

100% STEEL FREE - Has the Grubs trademark CERAMIC composite toe cap which means the boot does not conduct electricity and is extremely cold protective. 

TREDZ™(DURAPRENE™rubber) outsole - superior grip on a variety of surfaces, the tread is designed to work with the action of the foot, is oil resistant and passes TM144: 1999slip resistance test. Screw in spikes can be fitted. 

COMFORT RATING - -20ºc to +20ºc


Our HEXZORB™ technology, where an Hexagonal shock absorbing component is directly moulded into the heel of the outsole, to dissipate shockwave traveling up through the wearers leg.


Wicking linings use thousands of fibre loops that cosset the foot and wick away moisture keeping the wearer dry and comfortable. Combined with 5.0 INSU-FOAM ULTRA™ to provide an unequalled comfort range without sweat and heat build up.

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