Albatros Clifton Low S3 SRC Safety Work Trainer Shoe


Albatros Clifton Low S3 SRC Safety Work Trainer Shoe The safety shoes of the DYNAMIC line offer uncompromising safety, unrestricted wearing comfort and dynamic design. Hard-wearing upper materials and a flexible, profiled DUO-PU outsole combine exactly the properties that a safety shoe needs for versatile use on construction in the trade, in logistics or in industry. Footbed: Anatomically formed footbed Shaft: Hydrophobic suede leather Protection: Fiberglass toe cap, reflecting material in the heel area Sole: Profiled DUO-PU sole for safe grip Applications: Craft, Industry, Warehouse / Logistics Plus: Closed dust tongue, comfortably padded collar and dust tongue, metal free Feed: Breathable, functional lining Material: Almost seamless production in an elaborate Jacquard-weaving technique, grained water-repellent leather FAP - FAP® is a non-metallic material for safety footwear made of multiple textile layers of extremely tearproof fibers. The FAP® midsole offers greater comfort, flexibility, cold insulation, humidity absorption and shock absorption to the wearer.

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